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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Zombies 3"

This franchise just keeps adding to the monstrous silliness with new creatures that match the others in oddity -- and also sweetness. There are obvious diversity and inclusion messages in the way the humans, werewolves, zombies, and now aliens accept each other in Zombies 3.

A "welcome vampires" song and mermaid sighting might hint at future installations. The ensemble cast here is entirely invested, and though the songs sound studio-recorded and overly packaged, the musical numbers are good fun. There's even a reprisal of "Girl and a Zombie" from an earlier film.

Cynical viewers beware: This is pure camp, with characters talking and winking at the camera, an otherworldly wholesomeness, RuPaul as the mothership, and puns like "It's a U.-F.-…" "Woah!" and "Take us to your cheerleader!" Yes, football players and cheerleaders are still high school royalty, even among the non-humans.

When the aliens opt to feel emotions for the first time, they are quite cute. Their message that harmony isn't always perfect, that there's some value in healthy disagreement so long as we treat each other with respect, is a good one for our times.


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