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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "You vs. Wild: Out Cold"

There's really nothing quite like the experience of choosing whether Bear Grylls should eat a cockroach or a millipede off a tunnel floor. In You vs. Wild: Out Cold, one makes him vomit and the other seems to sit just fine.

This is just one of many perils Grylls faces in this latest adventure. As always, the survivalist makes for a compelling watch because he seems invincible and undaunted by any challenge.

This film feels a little faster-paced than others, with decisions popping up so frequently that when you want to go back and try different options, you have to follow a whole trail of previous decisions. This could prove fun for very young viewers, offering them much more than the listed 25 minutes of screen time, but it's also a little frustrating if you're just curious to see where an alternative choice would take you.

No worry, though, because the journey is all the fun.


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