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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Wedding Season"

This romantic comedy feels like a throwback to My Big Fat Greek Wedding style productions aimed at a family audience. Wedding Season is sweet and easy to digest, and it leaves audiences feeling good. Though the Indian diaspora setting adds a colorful layer of cultural details, some aspects feel overly exaggerated, like the mother's meddling or the sister's fiancé, who tries way too hard to adapt Indian customs and language (a final sword-wielding scene is just weird).

Other elements are predictable, like the parents coming around to their grown children's perspective or the many clues dropped about one character's secret wealth. As an aside, it's disappointing that male characters so often have to be positioned as more attractive because they have money. Though the premise has been done before, this film will find an audience. Expect little and the story and its amenable cast will entertain.


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Image courtesy of Netflix.


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