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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Unfrosted"

Seinfeld's directorial debut is jam-packed (pun intended) with ideas, '60s references, cameos, and general nonsense, and audiences can enjoy watching its giddy crew of entertainers having a ball. If you come for the cast of Unfrosted, you won't be too disappointed by the conventional set-up, nostalgic tone, or overly cluttered script. Expect pop culture callbacks galore, as well as the most obvious '60s references you can think of, from JFK and Vietnam to the microwave oven, Archie comics, the Bay of Pigs, and the race to put a man on the moon.

The film's candy-colored wardrobe and production design, meant to feel reminiscent of a box of cereal, looks straight out of a sitcom of the era. Amy Schumer and man-servant Max Greenfield are highlights in the sprawling cast, as are (spoiler alert) cameos from Mad Men stars Jon Hamm and John Slattery, and Kyle Dunnigan as a troubled Walter Cronkite. Hugh Grant also turns in a memorable portrayal as a pretentious Shakespearian wannabe stuck in a Tony the Tiger costume. His leadership of a Jan. 6-style insurrection, storming the capitol (of Kellogg's) in horned headdress, is priceless.


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