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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "The Takedown"

Despite some shortcomings in the story and an overly long running time, this French action movie provides entertainment, excitement, and two likable main characters from a 2012 prequel.

The Takedown (Loin du périph) rightly banks on the congeniality and charisma of Sy and Lafitte, who have natural on-screen chemistry. Its dual setting is equally attractive, moving between Paris (including some striking overhead shots) and a provincial town at the base of the magnificent Alps.

The action moves very fast and tries to stuff a bit too much into its two hours, leaving some plot points concerning the conspiracy incomplete. Even fans of subtitles might want to watch this movie dubbed to catch everything said and seen.

The film can feel like a flashback to blockbuster '90s-era action flicks, particularly in its masculine protagonist duo of disobedient but crime-busting cops with witty, rapid-fire repartee. The pointed ribbing between the men might not sit well with all audiences.

But the political intrigue at the story's heart feels ripped from headlines, and any exploration of nationalism and racism in contemporary global settings should hold interest today, particularly shrouded in a crowd-pleasing package like this one.


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Images courtesy of Netflix.


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