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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "The Sleepover"

The Sleepover is, simply put, good family fun. The plot isn't wildly original and the action is pretty predictable, but the characters are sketched in such a loving and silly way that it's hard not to like and root for them.

This is especially true for the parents, played with charm and physical adroitness by Malin Ackerman and Ken Marino, and the son, an adorably clueless yet clever misfit perfectly embodied by Maxwell Simkins. All of the child actors are believable in their roles.

There's also some interesting commentary on modern-day parenting built into the script. The kids chafe against overprotective moms, calling them out for losing sight of their own lives in their quest to offer round-the-clock care. Three out of the four lead children have peanut allergies. One little boy, the son's friend, Lewis, is burdened with a laundry list of "not allowed" rules and supposedly helpful gear (like nighttime undies with a built-in moisture alarm system).

It's all played for humor, but when Lewis breaks the rules and eschews the gear, he seems to finally feel he's living a little. It's a message parents might take to heart.


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