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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "The List"

All the ingredients to fulfill the romcom formula are here, but somehow the magic is missing in this film. The List falls flat. This could be because the characters aren't sketched to feel entirely believable (Abby's mentioned law school and screenwriting chops feel far-fetched, and best friend Chloe doesn't seem to have to work at all). Or it might be that the film's rhythm is off because scenarios and jokes that were probably fine on paper feel awkward and unfunny.

The film has a couple of highlights, endearing actor Navarro among them, and the cast plays their characters as basically good people. While there's some suspense in seeing what Abby will do with her love life, the ending -- a romcom cliché -- ultimately doesn't satisfy. You can leave this film off your list.


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Images courtesy of Universal Pictures.


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