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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "The Invisible Thread"

This character-driven Italian dramatic comedy remains wholly engaging from start to finish. The Invisible Thread does a great job balancing heavy themes (like gay rights, artificial insemination, extramarital affairs, and teen drug experimentation) with lighter moments.

When Paolo and Simone go crazy and tear up each other's prized belongings, their pain is clear -- and difficult to watch -- but their actions are also quite humorous in their emotional fragility and cruel intentionality.

Another scene played for laughs but which conveys an important message is when a mother walks in on her son and his male friend coincidentally undressed together in a bathroom. The son takes advantage of her confusion to finally and proudly confess he is gay, leaving the male friend to explain he's actually there with the sister.

The juxtaposition of teenage Leone's first love against the recriminations and dying relationship of his parents is subtle and symbolic.

The graphics on a closing scene, which then carry through to the end credits, creatively illustrate the "invisible thread" that connects family.


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