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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "The Drop"

There are so many funny and oddball moments in this ensemble comedy produced by the Duplass brothers that you almost forget it hardly has a story. The meandering plot can go largely unnoticed thanks to The Drop's collection of comedic actors, each offering his or her own uniquely bizarre caricature.

You definitely empathize with Mani's boiling annoyance with them. He escapes for a night, where he forges a deep (for him) connection with a Mexican family based entirely around a linguistic misunderstanding.

But just when the characters go a little too far (the men's distasteful conversation on the boat, the pervy teen, and so on), they reign the shenanigans in and end on the love stories.

There are more serious themes to be found here about love, starting a family, and maintaining a happy marriage. But mostly there's just exaggerated LA types misbehaving in the name of self-improvement and community-building.

The actors appear to be having a blast. An uber-melodramatic score set to crashing ocean waves is the pièce de résistance.


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Images courtesy of Hulu.

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