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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "The Curse of Bridge Hollow"

This spooky film feels a little unsure of who its audience is, resulting in some inconsistencies in tone and content, but it has plenty of Halloween creepers, and some laughs thanks to Marlon Wayans. He plays a dad with a big heart and some goofy phobias in The Curse of Bridge Hollow. Stranger Things' Ferguson plays his brave and independent 14-year-old daughter, who saves the day more than once. Her character, and her high school friends, might suggest the film is aimed at their age group, but the violence -- ridiculous as it may be in premise -- can get pretty intense. If you're scared of clowns, stay away. The lead actors are backed up by a great yet mostly underused supporting cast, including Kelly Rowland, Rob Riggle, John Michael Higgins, Lauren Lapkus, and Nia Vardalos. This is fine but forgettable Halloween fare.


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Image courtesy of Netflix.


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