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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "That's Amor"

This film rings false on multiple levels, and the romance at its heart isn't given enough time to develop into a believable relationship worth rooting for.

That's Amor feels outdated and contrived, particularly in Sofia's seeming insularity, which allows for her to be wowed by the most basic insights into a foreign country and culture but feels bogus in today's globalized world. The use of Latino actors to play Spaniards further undermines the authenticity of the story.

It's difficult for the viewer to believe Sofia was ever in love with a doofus like Richard or that she and Matias are so deeply in love after just a couple of conversations and one night together. Other aspects of the script and direction, including scenes with Sofia's best friend or in her workplace and on a city bus, feel tacked onto the main story but add nothing. The actors do what they can within these confines, with Lenehan standing out as the main character's encouraging and cheerful mother.


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Images courtesy of Netflix.


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