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  • Jennifer Green

Review: Tell It Like a Woman

Tell It Like a Woman is a compilation of seven feminist short films that boast some excellent performances and undeniably important themes. But what could have been a collection of amazing female-focused films from all over the world is instead a heavy-handed message capsule, making it ultimately a disappointing venture despite a few highlights.

Marketed around its concept of stories by and about women, the film was co-produced by the non-profit organization We Do It Together, which promotes gender parity in film and media. The stories mostly revolve around women in crisis, which provides narrative drama but doesn’t feel universal or representative of women’s lives in general. While there’s plenty of diversity across the shorts in terms of race, ethnicity and nationality, the focus begs the question of why the film didn’t opt for more diversity in stories and tone. Being a woman doesn’t have to mean overcoming constant crises, does it?

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Images courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films.


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