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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Red, White & Royal Blue"

This highly anticipated and exceptionally campy romcom will please fans of the book and LGBTQ romances, but viewers should approach it with as uncritical a lens as possible.

That's because Red, White & Royal Blue is chock full of hokey one-liners, implausible scenarios, and worn stereotypes.

Its two gorgeous leads lean into the affair, calling a hard-on "Big Ben" and vowing to "no longer be the prince of shame!"

Dialogues are similarly cringy throughout (text messaging proves more inventive than spoken dialogues). Probably the funniest lines of the movie come from a minor character who calls the prince "Little Lord F—leroy" and vows to "Brexit" his head from his body if he doesn't follow her orders.

US-UK stereotypes are aplenty, from "uncultured" Americans to uptight, polo-playing Brits. The British royal family takes some hits for being outdated, expensive figureheads, while the American political system appears to work fluidly to support an open-minded female Democrat for president (Thurman, sounding very strange as a Texan politician).

A couple of quieter sequences offer a bit more character insight, and one sex scene is shot in notably tender detail, but none of that feels like the film's real ambition.

This is a light-hearted romance starring beautiful people that should all play quite well on streaming.


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Images courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.


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