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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Post Malone: Runaway"

This concert documentary has very little story; come for the music, but don't expect any new insights into what makes this artist tick -- or even basic biographical details. What you do get in Post Malone: Runaway is backstage access, where it appears there's a whole lot of music-making and beer-drinking going on. It's disappointing if you're interested in the person behind the music because a documentary like this offers a celebrity the chance to tell his own story. The fact that he doesn't sends the message that he wants us to only think about his music, in which case, was a movie necessary? In some scenes, he and his entourage push the camera away and he complains he doesn't have privacy. Did the artist even want this movie made? Expect some platitudes about how important music is to the face-tattooed artist, sycophantic comments from handlers, and concert scenes spliced together by song.


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Images courtesy of Amazon Prime Video via CSM.


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