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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Pink - All I Know So Far"

There's something reassuring about Pink's presence, and this latest entry to the rock documentary genre hits that point home in multiple ways.

Directed by The Greatest Showman's Michael Gracey (who also executive produced Rocketman), Pink: All I Know So Far skillfully combines video from the performer's 2019 "Beautiful Trauma" world tour with significant film of her in hotel rooms with her husband and two young kids.

There’s also first-hand interview material, spliced in as voiceovers and black-and-white footage, and a limited amount of archive material. Two segments are particularly memorable. One is when Pink is talking about the day her kids will see through her tough, world-famous exterior to the fragile human she really is, a voiceover set to images of her in a harness and flying free during rehearsals high above an empty Wembley Stadium.

Another is when she reads tweets and emotional letters from fans, for whom the persona of Pink clearly provides inspiration and encouragement (one says Pink is the reason she didn't commit suicide).

The gist of the film comes in precisely that contrast of the mega-production Pink and her team of 250 are putting on, and the not-so-quiet family moments, where we see "Alecia" and her husband, former motorcross competitor Carey Hart, grappling with their whirlwind of a 2-year-old son and their more introspective 8-year-old daughter. The kids don't care if Mommy has just put on an exhausting, sold-out show for 80,000, or if Mommy catching their fever would shut down a multimillion-dollar venture; they just want her attention.

Pink memorably pinpoints how mothers never stop worrying about their kids, even while they're at work, and we see her juggling that with the "mega-responsibility" of being "the boss" on a massive tour. According to this documentary, she’s excelling at and enjoying both, though of course most moms don't have private jets and full staffs, and the documentary doesn’t show us the people making everything run smoothly behind the scenes -- those carrying and expertly unpacking her 17 suitcases at each stop along the tour, for example.

Still, Pink comes across as hard-working, talented, and fully dedicated to both her fans and her kids, and as far as pop icons or rock-umentaries go, it's a unique combination that makes for a compelling watch.


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