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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "No One Will Save You"

Few films manage to keep such a strong hold on your attention with so few spoken words. Chalk that up to a riveting performance by Kaitlyn Dever, on screen for the entirety of No One Will Save You, as well as to a tightly constructed story.

Hints at Brynn's past, her social isolation, and her anxiety are sprinkled throughout the first act but not explained until the third. Alienated herself, living alone in a big farmhouse with remnants of those no longer with her, Brynn is the perfect victim in the right setting for a horror film. But she doesn't go without a fight, offering some heart-pounding hide-and-seek sequences.

With the camera right up close on her face, and often just her eyes, Dever's Brynn goes through every emotion possible in the film's tense 93 minutes.

The aliens aren't particularly scary or original in appearance until they start bending and folding into spider-like shapes, and Brynn manages to kill a few in inventive ways.

To compensate for the lack of speaking, the film's impressive sound design and editing hones in on Brynn's heavy breathing and grunts, weird noises coming from the aliens, and contrasts between uneasy silence and acoustic jump-starts.


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