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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "My Little Pony - A New Generation"

You could easily dig for a political message in this film, but if all young viewers take away is the positivity of the sweet characters, tone, and messages, that's plenty.

When My Little Pony: A New Generation's characters sing about welcoming others rather than "building your wall," a marching mob following their leader "brainlessly," or how a sheriff's badge creates an "unhealthy power dynamic," it's hard not to find parallels with the human world.

But the film never gets too heavy or tries to make us forget we're in Equestria, with visually-rich and magical settings, candy-colored ponies, cute bunnies and other wild creatures, and language like "everypony," "somepony," and "thank hoofness."

The star-studded voice cast brings these ponies to galloping life. Musical numbers vary between sweet, pop, and hilarious, with Ken Jeong's angry mob number standing out as particularly memorable.


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