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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Murder Mystery 2"

Whodunits are in vogue, and this follow-up spoof plucks generously from genre standards while boosting the better aspects of its prequel. Murder Mystery 2 puts Aniston and Sandler in yet more awkward situations where their general incompetence, marital bickering, and unexpected good fortune bring the laughs.

Sure, discerning viewers might pooh-pooh the predictable plot and tire of the insincere delivery of leads Sandler and Aniston (who are perfectly matched in this way). But fans of the first film and/or the ensemble cast will enjoy this sequel, which keeps a brisk pace and successfully hits more comedic beats than its predecessor.

Some gags are funnier than others. The one-eyed, one-armed bodyguard; pompous former M16 agent; and countess-with-cackling-sidekick are all pleasantly silly characters. Sandler fans may expect juvenile innuendo in his movies, but the humor feels musty here in two horny middle-aged men played by Boon (Welcome to the Sticks) and Arce (Money Heist), both actors deserving better.

A more novel trope might be the way international, cosmopolitan characters look down on the unsophisticated Americans. The Spitzes are more than happy to oblige.


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Images courtesy of Netflix.


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