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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Mother of the Bride"

The streaming platforms have assembled a small cottage industry of films about middle-aged women finding second chances at love, and Brooke Shields could easily become a star of the genre. She brings with her to films like Mother of the Bride an audience of women her age who grew up admiring her.

Trouble is, if the films seem like toss-aways -- as A Castle for Christmas unfortunately did -- she could risk losing those followers. Mother is a notch above that one, though it does feel like a knock-off of the Julia Roberts and George Clooney-led Ticket to Paradise in both story (former couple reunited at a child's wedding) and Southeast Asian setting.

As in that film, Mother sees its middle-aged characters reminiscing and reliving some of the excitement of their youth. These are likable scenes set to period tunes like the Go-Go's. A pickleball scene (one of the first on film??) is also very funny.

But other meant-to-be-funny scenarios fall flat, and comedian Rachael Harris goes sorely underused. The film also sets up a hard-to-believe premise of a young woman allowing corporate sponsors to make her wedding Instagrammable. Shields is stronger here in the dramatic moments than the comedy.

Considering her past career, that may be more a problem with the writing than the acting. If you've watched Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields, you know the model-actress-mom has earned her maturity. Here's hoping for future films that give her more opportunities to show that side of her.


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