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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Luck"

This charming animated film manages to maintain a sweet innocence without compromising its desire to layer in ideas and characters that can be appreciated by more mature audiences. Luck's characters, animated with subtlety, are seemingly tailor-made for the high-profile cast. Bob's calm, cool, standoffish demeanor is captured in his cat poses and almond eyes, and Pegg's accent hilariously changes to fit the storyline. Goldberg infuses her wise-cracking Captain with a soft heart, and Fonda oozes seductive power as the confident dragon lady who recognizes that a lot of creatures are intimidated by "ladies of stature" and who just knows she would "excel" at running the universe.

The Land of Luck is a magical place imbued with soft colors and made to look like the inside of a watch, constantly in motion and with Jetsons-style platforms transporting characters. There's magic in other scenes as well, particularly a dialogue-free sequence where Sam chases Bob through town. The cat is suave as Fred Astaire as he glides nonchalantly over the tops of opened umbrellas. The entire film is set to an orchestral score that also has classical Hollywood nuances.


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Images courtesy of Apple TV+.


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