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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Irish Wish"

Formulaic romcoms depend entirely on the chemistry of their lead actors, and in this case, Lindsey Lohan and Ed Speleers make a sparky couple, and Alexander Vlahos is a pleasantly comedic foil. Lohan deserves better roles than, for example, her other most recent Netflix romcom, Falling for Christmas. Irish Wish allows her to show a bit more range, and she comes across as likable and believable within the limits of the genre. The formula (girl meets Mr. Right while pining for Mr. Wrong, preferably in a picturesque setting) is stretched with a fairy godmother (Dawn Bradfield, playing the impish Saint Brigid) and a pair of very likable and handsome love interests. The Irish setting is exploited for maximum local flavor (everyone in rural Ireland drinks stout at pubs and step dances, right?). In sum, predictable but watchable.


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