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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Hollywood Stargirl"

This pleasant Disney film skates on the surface of its characters, setting, and themes, keeping it wholesome but also wholly unrealistic. Hollywood Stargirl's characters are purposefully naïve, and in the case of Stargirl and love interest Evan (an adorable Richardson), this feels appropriate and even sweet because of their age.

For other characters, like the "grumpy" former producer, jaded failed singer, and aspiring filmmaker big brother, a little more edge would have added depth and a small dose of realism. Likewise, Hollywood and Los Angeles are properly cleaned up and sunlit.

VanderWaal's Jean Seberg-inspired hair and wardrobe are fabulous, even if a bit over the top for your average teen. Then again, the entire point seems to be that Stargirl is anything but average: She has innate talent (VanderWaal does have a memorable voice and more singing from her would have been nice), inordinately good luck, and the power to change people's lives with her charm and confidence. She also doesn't own a phone.

"I'm Stargirl," she introduces herself to her older neighbor. "Of course you are," he replies sarcastically. It doesn't take long for her to wear down his hard outer-edge with her kindness and innocence. The film may have the same effect on its viewers.


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