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Review: "Hit Man"

Glen Powell is on a roll, and there's no doubt this latest film -- which shows off some chameleonic acting chops on his part -- will find a huge audience. Hit Man is a sexy, twisting mystery with a silly side as well as some philosophizing about the nature of identity and personality construction.

Considering this latter theme, the writers -- Powell himself, together with director Linklater -- could have dug deeper to give co-star Arjona more personality outside the bedroom. We learn little about her beyond her desire for Ron and her reactions to an abusive husband. The one-dimensional portrayal feels like a throwback.

But, as the title alludes, this film is all about the man, and it seems constructed as a showcase for Powell. As Gary, he swaps wigs, accents, even teeth -- a man of many disguises. The actor's natural charisma and ability to transition from shy to smarmy to charming in a single scene is on full display here, and he can be very funny. That charm is what helped boost ticket sales for his romcom Anyone But You.

Meanwhile, the New Orleans setting sizzles in the film's background and subtly supports themes in Gary's character as well as his philosophy lectures. Watch, for example, for Powell to drive by the corners of Law and Desire or Pleasure and Pain.

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