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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Fantasy Football"

This feel-good but predictable comedy features a likable cast that diverts attention away from the story's narrative potholes.

Omari Hardwick is entertaining as the clumsy and not especially bright but big-hearted father in Fantasy Football. His knack for physical comedy is central in making the movie's wildly far-fetched premise amusing, for example in a goofy scene where he reacts to his hair and body shape being manipulated via his video game character.

Marsai Martin, well-known for her role on Black-ish, brings confidence to her portrayal of his daughter, the film's true central character. It's always nice to see young women, especially women of color, in STEM fields on-screen. But her record-speed robot-building and NFL coaching undermine much sense of realism.

Still, this film's core messages about balancing life's priorities are sweet, and it's refreshing to see a more family-friendly NFL ambiance than usual.


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