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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Definition Please"

The complex and likeable characters of this film keep it interesting despite a slow-moving narrative arc and some awkward humor. The young adults in Definition Please, led by Indian-American Monica (director-star Sujata Day), her bipolar brother (a charismatic Ritesh Rajan), and a couple of high school friends, have not yet truly launched.

This purgatory phase naturally allows for a blend of drama (the difficulties of overcoming the past and facing the future) and humor (living a prolonged adolescence). An introductory montage of Monica's childhood fame, clips her mom still proudly watches, is concise and memorable.

Monica and her brother have some past trauma to deal with, but also a strong bond. Their banter and competitiveness are entertaining, but an overlong scene involving a play they put on for their mom is almost painful to watch. A surprise resolution to their mom's illness also doesn't get processed in a satisfactory way for the audience.

Otherwise, the depiction of first versus second generation Indians in America feels right on, and setting many scenes to Indian music was an inspired choice.


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