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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Black is King"

This visual album is a stunning tour de force. It would be hard not to appreciate the work that went into Black Is King, evidenced by the colossal list of collaborators in the end credits and Disney's touting of its year-long production across multiple continents.

The effort is on full display in the finished musical numbers, with their detailed choreography featuring diverse casts, unique interiors, gorgeous exterior settings, and plenty of symbolism. And then there are Beyoncé's glamorous get-ups, dotingly filmed from every angle.

The film can easily be digested in pieces/multiple viewings, divvied up by musical numbers. Some of the most memorable come in the second half of the film.

Black Is King also radiates labor of love. Beyoncé dedicates it to her son "and to all our sons and daughters," as well as "the Black diaspora across every continent," which has faced "insurmountable odds. You inspire the world."

This expansive acknowledgement may explain why the film doesn't seem to want to be specific about African nations or cultures but is instead focused on a widely inclusive message of self worth and Black empowerment.


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