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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Black Crab"

This Swedish thriller is an example of an action film that would have benefited from more story, and it could leave viewers as cold as its icy Nordic atmosphere.

Black Crab dunks viewers into a bleak, ashen world with no back story or explanation of how things got so bad.

Rapace, Oftebro, Salim, and other actors aren't given enough backstory to bring their characters fully to life, though their talent still comes alive on screen.

A final vision of a mother's underwater embrace of her missing daughter is stirring. There are some gorgeous aerial and distance shots of the skaters on the ice and a depiction of the aurora borealis, attractive nature that contrasts starkly with the violent context.

There's also one short-lived light moment of conversation at the near one-hour mark of the film, meaning the tension is pretty constant.


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