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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Bird Box Barcelona"

You don't have to have watched Sandra Bullock-led Bird Box to be interested in this intense spin-off; coming in new might actually heighten the suspense.

Bird Box Barcelona relocates the action to Spain, depleting the titular city of all color to create a brownish-grey post-apocalyptic setting. The new location, international cast (led by popular Spanish actor Casas and other locally recognizable actors), story and character alterations, and amplification of Catholic iconography (including a villainous priest played by Argentine veteran Leonardo Sbaraglia) could all provide new points of interest for viewers.

But they'll quickly discover that the main ideas and graphic, aim-to-shock violence are still here.

How can people kill themselves? Let this film count the ways.


Read the full review at Common Sense Media.

Images courtesy of Netflix.


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