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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Barbie"

Barbie, the movie, may be many things to many people. When this viewer attended – in Madrid, Spain, on vacation and traipsing out to the suburbs to find a subtitled (rather than dubbed) version that wasn’t sold out on a Wednesday night – moms and daughters, couples, and groups of all ages packed the cinema, many donning pink.

Less than a week into its release, Barbie was already well on its way to becoming a social phenomenon. That seems fitting for the source material. Director Greta Gerwig is extremely faithful to Barbie’s style, history and various incarnations, and her team has done a dazzling job of creating a life-size world of Dreamhouses, pink convertibles and candy-colored props.

Also like its namesake doll, the movie’s global appeal is reinforced by the simplicity of its messages. There’s nothing subtle about Barbie. We like playing with her without having to think too hard.


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