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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Anne+"

With an absorbing performance by star Hanna van Vliet at its center, this film meanders a bit plot-wise but offers an interesting view into a specific community, time, and place.

Based on the Dutch TV series of the same name co-created by van Vliet, Anne+ is about friendship, love, relationships, identity, gender, and self-expression. It captures that exuberant mid-twenties moment in life where every day is a party and sexual energy runs high, when everything is possible but concrete decisions about the future still have to be made.

Anne has written a book that her publisher critiques as having a main character who is lost and has no goals. The insight explains Anne's own issues and foreshadows a break in her current plans, which she slowly realizes she didn't actively participate in making.

For the queer community shown here, identity issues are complicated by unaccepting families and a "heteronormative" society. They spend a lot of time talking about this, and the character of Lou (Thorn Roos de Vries) gets a bit preachy at moments.

But certainly, these characters will resonate with some viewers, and the film is well-paced, filmed, and acted.


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