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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "After We Fell"

Starting exactly where the last film left off and ending with "To be continued," this sequel is made exclusively for fans of the series, from beginning to end.

After We Fell doesn't even make much of an effort to interest new audiences, sticking with the familiar pattern of rotating scenes of conflict and sex. Only this time, the conflict feels even more forced than usual. Ending on yet another parent-related cliffhanger, the problems the young couple Tessa and Hardin face feel otherwise eminently solvable, revolving around geographical moves, petty jealousies, and bad dreams.

Some storylines are introduced only to be dropped, and some aspects of Tessa and particularly Hardin's character are (still) hard to take seriously. One interesting theme is the way young adults can't rely on their aging parents, but it's not enough to sustain this thin tale of star-crossed lovers.


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