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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible"

If a documentary chronicling how an uncommonly charismatic, brave, and socially-conscious young man breaks six world records doesn't find an audience, there's something wrong.

True, 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible might not immediately draw viewers without connection or interest in mountaineering. But its combination of life-or-death suspense, compelling back story, message of possibility, and gorgeous scenery prove captivating. Will the team of Nepali climbers reach their goal to summit 14 of the world's highest mountains in record time with no injuries or losses? Will the leader's beloved but ailing mother survive long enough to see her son's success?

The film bounces around in time to share leader Nims' backstory, including a devoted wife, a loving family, and an unparalleled drive, discipline, competitiveness, and physical prowess.

Considering one of the film's key messages is fighting for recognition for overlooked Nepali climbers, it comes across as a little shallow that it dedicates so much time to Nims and almost none to the backgrounds of his other teammates who scale all the same mountains as him.

But Nims is an undeniably appealing star, and his project gains from his online presence and likeability.

His attachment and devotion to his mother are charming, and seeing her get flown in by helicopter in what looks like a fuzzy pink bathrobe to celebrate Nims' achievements is adorable. The film is dedicated to her, which seems just about right for the tale's message of aspiring to ever greater endeavors for reasons beyond self aggrandizement.


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