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  • Jennifer Green

Interview: Shanda Sumpter for SUCCESS

Heartcore Business describes itself as “the premier training and coaching company for driven entrepreneurs who want to create a massive impact and generate financial freedom without sacrifice.” Those values are embodied in Heartcore’s founder, Shanda Sumpter.

“I consider myself a trailblazer because I did everything first in my family,” Sumpter says. “Leaders forgive first. They step up first, and I think it’s really hard to make it in business today if you’re not a trailblazer.”

Heartcore is, by Sumpter’s telling, an “eight-figure company” that works with entrepreneurs at every stage of their business who find they “are not reaching enough people.” It also owns an AI-specialized virtual assistant outfit that handles everything from design and marketing to online summits, and Heartcore organizes 28 events each year to help business owners grow their companies. 

Sumpter says more than 70% of her clients are “creating results each quarter.” But Heartcore is about more than just business results. The company also helps entrepreneurs drill down and define their culture—their values and identity.

“My hook is to show you how to reach more people,” Sumpter says. “I love entrepreneurs because I think they’re leaders. And what better than to train a leader to be a better human being in the world and to be more responsible for what they see is important and to expand that through their family and friends and help more people to change the world?”

Sumpter laughs, saying she might be “crazy enough” to believe she can change the world. Here’s how she aims to do that.

Read the full interview at SUCCESS magazine.


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