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  • Jennifer Green

Interview: Emmy-Winning Speaker Gaby Natale (SUCCESS)

When Gaby Natale looks back and connects the dots of her own life story, she sees a thread uniting her experiences. “As a journalist, as an immigrant, as an author, as a speaker, the commonality is a story of breaking barriers,” she says.

The Argentina-born author, entrepreneur and popular SuperLatina TV show host and executive producer calls this breaking of barriers part of the “pioneer spirit.” She often says that being a pioneer is the story of her own life.

“As a journalist, I am the first Latina to win three daytime Emmys back-to-back,” she explains. “As an author, I am the first Latina author published by the Leadership Division of HarperCollins, and as a speaker, way, way too many times I am either the only woman or the only Latina or the only woman of color, and for sure the only one with this accent.”

“It was a long road of embracing my uniqueness and celebrating my uniqueness,” Natale reflects. “The more comfortable I felt in my own skin and with who I was, the better things went for me.”

Read the full interview at SUCCESS magazine.


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