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  • Jennifer Green

Interview: Danish Filmmaker Susanne Bier (AWFJ)

Susanne Bier is among Europe’s most prolific and honored female film and television writer-directors. Her career filmography spans formats, genres and countries. Originally from Denmark, some of Bier’s best-known works, at least for international audiences, include Hollywood productions like Bird Box and In A Better World, and the Hollywood remakes of her original films, like Brothers and After the Wedding.

Bier is said to be the first female director to win a Golden Globe (Best Picture, In A Better World), a Primetime Emmy (Directing, The Night Manager), a European Film Award (many, including Achievement in World Cinema in 2021) and an Oscar (Foreign Language Film, In a Better World). She currently co-chairs the Academy’s International Feature Film Executive Committee.

Now she’s back to television, with a star-studded, 6-episode series in the works for Netflix based on Elin Hilderbrand’s New York Times bestselling novel, The Perfect Couple. Starring Nicole Kidman, Liev Schreiber and Dakota Fanning, the shoot got shut down by the strikes and is waiting to resume, with four more weeks left of shooting time, Bier says.

AWFJ has interviewed Bier twice before, including in 2007 when she was in post-production on her very first American film, Things We Lost in the Fire. Since then, she has worked steadily on both continents.

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Images courtesy of the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival.

EMIFF photos by Johanna Gunnberg.


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