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  • Jennifer Green

Greta Lee and Celine Song talk "Past Lives" (AWFJ)

For a film about the deep connections we have with others and how destiny shapes which relationships come and go in our lives, it would seem appropriate that the talents behind the film also share deep bonds. In fact, Past Lives writer-director Celine Song says she’s convinced she was married to actress Greta Lee in a past life.

That’s the kind of connection the two forged working on one of this year’s standout films, now widely considered a top contender for recognition this awards season.

Song and Lee shared details of their work, and the meaningful on- and off-camera relationships behind their poignant film, during a virtual press conference organized Nov. 9 by producer-distributor A24.

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My review of Past Lives.

Images courtesy of A24 and Berlinale archive.


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