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  • Jennifer Green

Review: "Hidden Strike"

If you're fine with far-fetched fight sequences and clunky dialogues, and so long as you don't dig too deep into the proverbial sands of this film's messages, the desert-set buddy thriller may entertain.

Hidden Strike features rousing choreography carefully tailored to its lead duo's talents, namely Chan's martial arts skills and Cena's brute strength. The action is paired with buddy humor and a dash of cross-cultural commentary.

In between fight sequences, and sometimes during, Chan and Cena engage in goofy verbal spars and mutual jabbing (the Americans come off worse).

The storyline taps into fatigue with the so-called forever wars in the Middle East and a plague of mercenaries and corporations looking to profit off the devastated region.

But don't expect much commentary on either.


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Images courtesy of Netflix.


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